Oh RatZ!

Okay all you English majors, don’t be harshing on my misspellings.  What happened deserves a RatZ.   With a capital Z!

File this story under the category of you can’t make this stuff up.

Here is where I mentioned cows and putting my car in the shop.   I got my car back and you will never believe the cause of the problem.  Guess?  C’mon.  Would you like to play this game?  Going once … going twice … Don’t wanna.  Well okie dokie.  I’ll tell ya.

James:  Jill this is James give me a holler.

Me (returning voicemail): Hey James, what’s the verdict?

James: Remind me, you still live in the country?

Me: Yes, same place.  Why?

James: You’ve got RatZ.

Sure enough said, RatZ chewed through wires affecting my stabili-trac, ABS and A/C.  According to James, the insulation around the wires is like candy to them mice.  He said it happened at his deer lease about two years ago.  They got two barn cats and no ratZ have been seen since.

So odd, we have community cats and have never had a rat problem in the 19 plus years we have lived here.  We do not keep anything out that might attract them either.  The dogs are outside most of the time too though in their luxury suite.  Spot has been known to eat a bird in mid flight.  I’m sure he’d attach a rat.

When I took my loaner vehicle back to my father in law, he told me he believes it was parking at the Riverwalk with all that construction.  I was there four years without incident but the construction is new which might cause the ratZ movement.  Then there is being back at the mother ship and my recent memory shared of the varmints who live there.  B reminded me though that was more likely for raccoons but ratZ?  I have heard we have them all over the building.

Now I am on high alert.  I am ready for a rat to jump out at me while I am driving.  Like an wanna-be airbag.  Lawd yes, I am neurotic.  I am also looking around my parking space for remnants.  B says it didn’t happen here.  Two nights with traps and poison have gone undisturbed.  Hmm, inquiring minds want to know how this happened.  I will just have to settle for random acts of strange.

As always, more to come.


10 thoughts on “Oh RatZ!

    1. oh wow! I’m glad she caught it too.

      B says I should report it to work since we have set traps out since I got the car back and no takers. He has checked in the area for other signs and found nothing.

      I know of a lady at work who reached into her drawer and there was one sitting on her file folders. She always kept snacks in her drawer so that may have been what brought them in.

      Meanwhile “Ben” with Crispin Glover is on a loop in my brain.

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  1. Yes, death by Ratz “brake failure”. A great who done it. Glad you are all fixed. We had mice get in our walls last winter & they chewed a hole in the drywall straight into our dining room. Like you, we don’t have a problem but it got cold & they got where it wasn’t. They got dead!

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  2. Oh very weird! Hope your car got fixed, and the ratz problem solved.
    My daughter had a nest of squirrels under her car’s hood one time. All the little acorns and stuff had clogged up something or other, but I don’t think they chewed the wires.

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