J-Dub the Howard Cosell of Bovines

Speaking of … being on the edge of living … this is how we roll in good ole China Grove Tejas.  Oh my my! Oh hell yes!

I had to take my car to the shop when the stabili-trac and ABS lights came on.  Followed quickly by my A/C blowing hot air.  Considering the time of year, waiting on the A/C may have been okay but the brakes stuff made for an emergency visit to the car doc.

This caused me to work from home.  In sweats!  Yay!  After the drop off, all back and settled in, all nice and cozy, yet working my fingers to the bone, B tells me we have a herd of cows in our yard.  What the what?  I didn’t believe him and I had to look.  Lo and behold, here is proof:

Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those doggies rolling  Rawhide!

Seven Santa Gertrudis prime.  Looks like five but two are behind the tree.  As I opened the window blinds, they stopped and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Look they saw me and stopped

B: No, they see the dogs

Me: Why aren’t the dogs barking?

B: It’s their nap time

I proceed to film and narrate but I won’t bore you with that here.  I have listened over and over to myself and laugh every time.  J-Dub, the Howard Cosell of bovine.

After a bit, the herd started moseying, moving apart.  I was on the phone with my co-worker and I wasn’t fast enough to get the action shot from the kitchen window.  I only got this:

Fun times I tell ya!  As always more to come

7 thoughts on “J-Dub the Howard Cosell of Bovines

  1. What happened with the warning lights? When I get a check engine light it also turns on unrelated lights and turns off features as a way of forcing me to pay attention to the check engine light that has no real effect on driving at all. On one car it disables cruise control and on another, it turns on the ABS light.

    I have no idea if it actually turns off the ABS (that would be dangerous and cause liability) but having the light come on will send most people to the shop. And then it turns out to be a bad oxygen sensor.

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