I Win!

I’ve said before that my mom was a garage sale shopper.  I hate paying full price for anything.  Re: shoes I wear them until the fall apart.  You’ve all seen it right here.

I had a pair of brown boots that I had to throw away since they basically fell apart.  I think I had them about a decade.  They were cheap to begin with but that’s my MO anyway.  Today I was looking for replacements when lo and behold, I received an email about a 3 hour sale.  30% off ANYTHING!  I also had a $20 off boots expiring today.  I chatted up the online helpers at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) to see if I could stack my discounts.

Drum roll please – ratta tat tat ratta tat tat ratta tat tat

Full price $199

Compared to DSW price of $119

Clearance $49.99

Minus $20 and 30% (of what I am not sure but I do not care)

Total $16.19 – woo to the hoo!!

I will have them in 4 to 7 days – no shipping fees either.

See I told ya I won!

Happy Sunday!!

As always, more to come.

11 thoughts on “I Win!

  1. that rocks! I have only come across a couple of great deals like that. I found a coat for winter…was 299.00 regular price, on sale for 189.00. had an employee discount from a family member who worked at the store, had a coupon for 50.00 off anything over 100.00 then there was an hour only 75% off sale on all clothing. I wandered in and got the coat for……….drum roll please………..28 bucks! WoHoo!

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  2. I love it!!! I once paid $1.29 for a pair of keens I had wanted but wasn’t ever going to pay $100.00 for them. They were on sale, I signed up for their emails got 50% on my first order, free shipping and they sent me a coupon for $50.00 keens bucks. It would have been totally free due to all that but customer service said for some reason it reverts to $1.29 by default, something about taxes. Don’t care that was as good as free for me! Great job on your practically free shoes Jill wear them until the soles fall off YA!!!!

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