Moved Over from Facebook

I first wrote this in October of 2015.

I park in North Garage, a 5 story structure. My reserved space is on the ground floor level tucked away back in a corner. Today as parked, I noticed a groundskeeper booking it up the aisle in a Gator. He pulled into the motorcycle only parking spaces right next to me. It was crack of dawn early, cool wind blowing … but that part doesn’t matter.

Stage is set right?

So he gets out and goes to the bushes, rustling something that looks like a garage bag. I stay in my car but I’m watching via my rear view mirror. He pulls out this … whatever it is … out from behind the bushes with a BIG tug. I swear I can hear the “umph”. He throws the tarp off (not garbage bag after all) revealing a cage. I jumped and all I could think was “thank you Jesus it is empty” I then get out of my car.

Nosy Jill ” So what kind of animals do you usually catch?”

Groundskeeper “mostly raccoons and the occasional possum”

Nosy Jill continued “what do you do with the ones you find in the traps?”

Groundskeeper “I’d rather not say”

Me “I’m sure you just relocate them right?”

Groundskeeper “I’d really rather not say”

I knew we had deer and I should have known about the other critters. Makes me wonder what I’ll miss when I get to the Riverwalk. Maybe there will be snapping turtles or alligators. No wait … those are in Tampa.

So it was a few days later … October 18, 2015, when I relocated downtown. And now slightly less than four years later, I’m back. Different building. Now I park on the East side of E building instead of North Garage.

7 thoughts on “Moved Over from Facebook

  1. I’d rather he not say as well. We have a ton of raccoons that keep coming into our garage because my husband leaves the door open and they can smell the food that is there for the stray cat. I am so afraid I’m gonna open my studio door some night and stare straight into the eyes of one of them. I’d be spending that night in the studio!

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