Monday Musings

Well I went and done did it. Every time I claim never again. Today what got me was the waiting.

I left early and saw cousin giving a guided tour. That calmed me. To see him.

I arrived at the in-house clinic at 8:40 for a 9:00 appointment. They sent me away causing jitters and the NEED to walk it off. Akin to shaking it off. I lapped around the behemoth that is mothership until 9:00 on the dot.

About 5 after they took me back. I’d prefilled the paperwork online but still had to sign off. Take temp, check iron, and blood pressure. Nerves getting worse then earbuds went in.

Time crawled… literally on hands and knees. Tested both arms for best vein and we’re ready. Left it is … with prior broken bone.

Conversation went something like this …

“You’ll feel a slight pinch”

No response from me

Then before taping down

“May I adjust?”

Thought Lord have mercy.

Said “yes if you must”

I was ready to bolt but the adjustment made it better.

“Squeeze lightly every 5 seconds”

With eyes closed, music 🎶 blasting, in recliner, with feet peddling, I counted.

1 2 3 4 squeeze

1 2 3 4 squeeze

1 2 3 4 squeeze

When the 3rd song began, I raised my hand.

“You’re done, the machine literally just beeped”

Whew! I made it through but the lackadaisical removal of IV/needle made my anxiety spike again. I raised my hand again this time for help.

“She’s having a reaction”

Momentary blindness. Reclined further back. Feet in the air. Ice all over me. Fan blowing.

This too shall pass. Always!

And this gift made it worth it.

Well that and helping the 30 some odd percent of people who need my blood type. 💝

As always more to come.