Stay Hydrated as One Rambles About

… that’s what I’m doing anyway.  I’ve signed up to donate blood tomorrow and drinking plenty of water is supposed to help make the experience easier.  Also gives me license to have a hearty breakfast.  No need to fast for this type of blood draw.

I feel the need to ramble a bit.  I just finished giving the bathroom a deep clean.  B does majority of the housework but today I couldn’t take it and went in guns blazing.  Every nook and cranny.  Now I’m paying the price … in such pain I opted for a double dose of ibuprofen.

Feels good though ya know?

That’s why B does most of the housework.  I’d run myself ragged.  My quirks start pinging and I clean what’s not even dirty anymore … again and again and again. But as I mentioned, afterwards I feel good … well not good physically but my head is on straight.  Give me a second and I’ll probably go off kilter again.

As always, more to come.

4 thoughts on “Stay Hydrated as One Rambles About

  1. I’ve donated so many times they have trouble getting my vein now 😦 Hubby just gave the kitchen counter a deep clean. The two of you are guilting me into cleaning the bathroom now. – LOL. Think I’ll go into the studio for a while until the feeling passes. Happy Sunday!

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  2. Yes stay hydrated all the until they hook you up. They should give you a bottle of water & a snack while they draw it. Then drink plenty more after. It’s so rewarding to do. As far as housework, I can relate. I dusted & vacuumed our house last Sunday. We have a big house. I had to soak in a tub of epson salt & then doused myself in biofreeze.

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