Stay Hydrated as One Rambles About

… that’s what I’m doing anyway.  I’ve signed up to donate blood tomorrow and drinking plenty of water is supposed to help make the experience easier.  Also gives me license to have a hearty breakfast.  No need to fast for this type of blood draw.

I feel the need to ramble a bit.  I just finished giving the bathroom a deep clean.  B does majority of the housework but today I couldn’t take it and went in guns blazing.  Every nook and cranny.  Now I’m paying the price … in such pain I opted for a double dose of ibuprofen.

Feels good though ya know?

That’s why B does most of the housework.  I’d run myself ragged.  My quirks start pinging and I clean what’s not even dirty anymore … again and again and again. But as I mentioned, afterwards I feel good … well not good physically but my head is on straight.  Give me a second and I’ll probably go off kilter again.

As always, more to come.

#SLS for 10/13/19 ~ “Roll Um Easy”

Jim gives us the prompt of Drifter/Loner/Transient/Vagabond.  I had the Metallica song “Wherever I May Roam” in mind but went another direction after listening to a plethora of songs about loneliness.  Who would’ve thought such a sad topic would create such beautiful songs.   To the point where I had the most difficult time choosing.

Instead of feeling angst, I felt love and perseverance.   If you really listen to the lyrics for most of these “sad sack” songs, you’ll see more triumph over tragedy.  And we did just have World Mental Health day on 10/10/19 which makes today’s theme very fitting.  Plus we have a new smoking hot music badge to boot.

Without further ado, here is “Roll Um Easy” Writer(s): LOWELL T GEORGE, performed by Little Feat and a cover by Brothers of a Feather aka Chris and Rich Robinson of the Black Crows.

Oh I am just a vagabond
A drifter on the run
And eloquent profanity
It rolls right off my tongue
And I have dined in palaces
Drunk wine with Kings and Queens
But darlin’, oh darlin’
You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen
Won’t you roll me easy
Oh slow and easy
Take my independence
With no apprehension,no tension
You walkin’ talkin’ dream paradise
Sweet pair a’ dice
Well I been across this country
From Denver to the ocean
And I never met girls who could sing so sweet
Like the angels that live in Houston
Singin’ “Roll me easy, so slow and easy…
Play that Concertina, I’ll be your temptress…”
And baby I’m defenseless
Singin’ harmony
In unison
Sweet harmony
Gotta hoist the flag and I’ll beat your drum

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