Best day ever

This is late Friday ramblings or early Friday rambling depending on what you consider late and what you consider early. Yes I have officially lost my mind.

The day started out grande. B and I went to the Jalisco for breakfast where the omelette plates were on special for $3.40 each. I ended up with breakfast for tomorrow because the omelettes are so big I only can eat half. Did I mention we had an upside down weather day? Well we did. It was still warm at 6:15 so I left the house wearing two different flip-flops. Which I just realized now. Photo evidence isn’t cooperating.

Despite all that, today was the best day ever.

Why you ask?

It is official that I am able to work from home. Maybe not more than a day or two each week but it is a relief in that I did not think I would be able to do so any longer thanks to technology. And after having the privilege for a while (which I rarely used) to lose it completely would have been horrible. Crisis averted in my first world problem ridden life LOL

I learned about the crazy that is .csv. Deceptively looks like Excel but it isn’t my Excel. Oy vey Chiquita banana 🍌. I kept making tabs and they promptly disappeared. Finally I saved as .xlsx. We’ll see if that works. Despite losing two tabs worth of data, not going to harsh my mellow or kill my buzz that I don’t have cuz ya know I’m a sometimes teetotaler.


Let the good times roll.

As always more to come.

10 thoughts on “Best day ever

    1. We’re a tribe. Janet’s mix match was silver and white. I had a coworker who did that with her favorite pumps. One navy and one black. She stayed that way all day. I always admired her I don’t give an eff attitude. Not even remotely embarrassed as it should be.

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  1. .csv files are usually created from excel or google sheets in order to do print merges or to send to others that may not have excel. It’s like getting a pdf from a graphics file. Makes the file universal. You should have been able to open it in excel & brought it straight in & then saved as whatever you wanted. I had 3 of them today I opened in excel. Sometimes the file doesn’t format from the original though.

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    1. It opened okay and I was able to make my updates. Not formatting from the original may have been my problem. All is well that ends well. I‘ll know more tomorrow when I go in for round two.

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  2. LOL I don’t know about CSV files but I do know about two different colored flip-flops. Mine were white and silver. Happy Friday and congrats on getting to work from home sometimes. 🙂

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