#SLS for 10/6/19 “America”

Jim prompts us with bus/truck/lorry. As I searched, kids songs or country songs filled the page. Then I searched by Greyhound which is a bus line and bingo up comes this gem sung by Simon & Garfunkel. Here’s America. Lyrics and credits in the video. Hope you enjoy.

Rules and Ping Back

19 thoughts on “#SLS for 10/6/19 “America”

  1. This is my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song! I always thought it embodies the spirit of America but I could be wrong (well, my 6-year-old self did).

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  2. I wonder what Mrs. Wagner’s pies taste like so I looked it up. Mrs. Wagner’s Pies were single-serving pies sold in waxed paper. They were made until July 11, 1969, by a company named Mrs. Wagner’s Home Made Pies that was originally located in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and later in Brooklyn, New York.

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