Friday Rambling Part Two

Back in 1980, McD gave a $300 incentive when you bought and insured a vehicle with an airbag.  If you had life insurance with us, the face value of the policy went up by $2500.   Now all vehicles come equipped with airbags but in 1980, this wasn’t a popular thing.  What a visionary!

His campaign was called the Kiss of Life.  In marketing, they used a photo of a deployed airbag that had a lipstick impression on it.  A black&white photo of real-life accident scene.  We got to see a re-creation of the photo this past Wednesday at our luncheon.

As I sit here on vacay, I ponder points of life.  The capacity of humans amazes me.  All much bigger than me.  I am but a cosmic speck in the universe.  Fortunate enough to share space with the likes of you.

Happy Friday one and all.  Hope it’s fantastic!!! I’m off to the races 🙂

As always, more to come.