Ray Leeper You Are Amazing

I am loving So You Think You Can Dance this season.  I have watched and re-watched the routine Ray Leeper choreographed for Bailey and Mariah set to INXs – Need You Tonight.  Since the dance video is not up yet, posting the music video.  And you’re welcome.  LOL

They need to choreograph for us over 50 types who need the exercise.  Ha!  If only.

4 thoughts on “Ray Leeper You Are Amazing

  1. I’m a big fan, too! They just get better every year. I was surprised when Benjamin Castro got cut. He was my favourite!
    I often save dances I’ll watch a few times over the week. I’m betting Bailey will win.

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    1. I was surprised by Ben being cut too. They are all extremely talented. If not Bailey, my 2nd guess is Mariah. I don’t care how technically perfect Gino is. He’s no Bailey 😊


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