#SoCS for 8/24/19 ~ Preposition

Before the start of #SoCS, I’d like to wish you fine folks a good morning.  We truly must KEEP meeting this way.  You know as opposed to we have to stop meeting this way.

The lovely Linda provides us with a 5th anniversary prompt-posal as in a play on proposal not be confused with prom-posal which is such a ridiculous thing.  But I digress.  And I am old-ish.  And apparently prom-posals are a cute custom but whatevs.  And I purposefully spelled whatever as whatevs better than what-Eva.

Moving along, Linda writes and I repeat:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “preposition” Start your post with any preposition. Bonus points if you end with one too. Enjoy!

Sheesh AND she-she-mama.  Homework!  What the heck is a preposition? Not to be confused with proposition which … reminds me of making an offer you can’t refuse …. said in my best ever Marlon Brando voice over voice.  Don Vito Corleone got nothing on me.
Take two – let’s Merriam Webster this bad boy.


  1. a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause, as in “the man on the platform,” “she arrived after dinner,” “what did you do it for ?”.

Ah ha!  Well I started with before the start of #SoCS … but somehow that doesn’t really feel prepositional.  Yet we’re going with that sentiment.

Speaking of sentiment.  Ugh! I’m a mixed bag of emotions today.  I have some news that was to be kept quiet but now the jig is up, the cat is outta the bag, and /or the canary is singing … Tra-la-la-boom-de-A. Tra-la-la-boom-de-A.

Means I can speak freely.  After almost four glorious years, the Riverwalk crew must relocate to the mothership or parts unknown.  That’s right, we’ve been kicked to the curb. They’re breaking up the band.  Our time in downtown SA is coming to an end.

Very true that you never know what you’ve got til it’s gone.  Regrets, I have a few … This small 16″ tote and single grocery bag fits 35 years worth of “stuff”.

I’m going where the streets have no name …

To be fair, I downsized the last three or four jobs.  Now I’m joining the ranks of the floaters where there are 1.2 people for each desk.  Grab em while they’re hot … before they are gone.  I’m ready to enter the thunder dome.

Hope y’all know I’m kidding.  Not about moving from nirvana to the zoo.  That part is true.  The kidding part is about being upset.  I’m not.  Life’s too short.

If you’d like to join this band of fantastic prompt respondents or read their works extraordinaire, here are the rules and ping back.  And on that note, I am off to a volunteer event that makes me super happy! A bucket list item.  I will probably post more after.




What Fresh Hell Is This? 8/23/19

I have made it 21 days or three weeks without a #WFHIT moment.  Not too shabby Abby!

Sadly yesterday ended that streak.  And today I can’t get the thoughts outta my head.  Our sweet precious Buddy has a knot of some sort on his chest.  I noticed the lump yesterday when I was giving him his heart worm pill which he takes like a champ btw.  Because he is the BEST dog ever.  I checked Spot right away too cuz ya know maybe that knot thingy is supposed to be there but Spotty dog is clear.

Buddy didn’t yelp at all when this happened.  He just sat there nose in the air.  Ready for the pill.  I figure if it was bad, he would’ve let me know.  He really is such a good sweet doggy.

I hope it’s nothing.  B says it’s NOTHING.  And B is usually right about these things.  Me, I keep obsessing that Buddy is past 10 years old.  Somehow I feel that time is short.  Not that anything else is wrong.  Just age catching up to him.

Age catching up to all of us.

Dammit see how my weirdo mind works.

Gonna walk it off.

As always, more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of “The Perfect Mother”

A few days ago I finished the Schaefer Public Library Book Club selection for August – “The Perfect Mother” by Aimee Molloy.  I will give my usual ramble.  Not really a review because on my misstep regarding “We Need to Talk About Kevin”.  I spoiled that book for a very irate person and I have gone to extremes to never do that again.

I really wanted to like this book … “The Perfect Mother”.  Though my kids are adults, I remember what it felt like to be a new mom.  I assumed I would stroll down memory lane which being thrilled by the scenes.  Alas, that was not the case.  This book tried to do way too much.  In the story, we had every cliche out there.

The chapters were titled by dates and most started with the mommy newsletter.  Trite and irritating.  I won’t name character names because basically they are all interchangeable.

Mysterious main character mommy.  She is “friends” with perfect mommy with perfect doting husband but baby not reaching milestones.  Another mommy with stereotypical do nothing husband.  The mommy with a secret which includes being the cause of a politician’s career ender.  We have single parent mommy.  Stay-at- home dad who tries to fit in.  Mommy who’s child was stillborn.  Typical mothers-in-law and moms to moms.  We have both a teacher and a doctor who took advantage of young girls.  Tragically sad.  We have someone talking to themselves in much like the book/movie “Gone Girl”.  Nothing original and nothing surprising in what is supposed to be a psychological thriller.

The typical negative feedback from those who know grammar.  The stuff I miss since I must read stream of consciousness too.  Repeating dialog that is not wrong but unnecessary and other assorted faux pas.  Goodreads gives the book 3.54 stars.  I gave it 3 stars which was generous.  Two stars was probably more fitting.

As always, more to come.

Haiku – Marvelous & Terrific Take Two

I didn’t realize that today is my annual anniversary of participating in Ronovan’s weekly Haiku challenge.  I made my usual post and went about my merry way.  As I came back to read the other entries, I noticed his new shiny badge in honor of FIVE years!! Which is fantastic btw.  When I went in to substitute the badges, I noticed 8/20/18 was the first time I joined in the fun.

I had written haiku prior – usually sad forlorn stuff.  Mostly about my kids and how hard parenting can be.  My tune changed based on his wonderful prompts.  Instead of sad, my words became spirited.  In my first attempt today, I slid back into forlorn with my sarcastic marvelous and terrific being late since Ms. Thesaurus made me realize terrific can be upsetting, agitating, etc… In take two, I am turning my frown upside down. Borrowing from Nando aka Billy Crystal.

You know who you are

Darling you look marvelous

Simply amazing