#SoCS for 8/31/19 ~ Couch

Good morning folks! Welcome to Jilly’s “Couch Session”.  This stream is all part of the lovely Linda G Hill’s fantastic world of #SoCS.  Where a band of off-the-wall head cases in need of a “couch session” (speaking of myself) and/or fantastic prompt respondents (speaking of YOU! who are reading these words) meet each week to rise to the challenge of writing for fun!  If you’d like join in by either reading or writing, here are the rules and ping back.

Today Linda writes and I write again … Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “couch” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

More homework!  Noun or verb … verb or noun. Thanks god and greyhounds preposition was so last week.

Before we get started, if you live near a Baskin and Robbins, go get some ice cream.  Yesterday in a different sort of “Couch Session” I learned they play off their 31 flavors on the 31st day of each month.  You can get a scoop for $1.31 (or $1.70 with tax).  That’s a bargain y’all.  A cone usually costs more than a half gallon.  We pay more for the novelty I guess.  I will likely spend more than $1.31 in gas than the money I save but I am eating Stranger Things ice cream sometime today folks. You’re welcome for my PSA. lol

Back to our regularly scheduled program … couch.

Think, think. and think.

At work we use the term “couch session” often.  Daily in fact.  By talking things out, we keep each other from jumping off the ledge or the “curb” since we are really just joshing about jumping from anything at all.  While we are fortunate souls who have the world at our feet, there are times we need to vent or laugh to keep from crying in our private sessions with Vegas rules.  I am fortunate to have several “best friends at work” and only former Gallup poll participants will know to what I am referring.

And maybe with my rambling stream you’ve no idea what I mean.  A couch session needs no air quotes.  Thanks to Freud and his ilk, patients would recline on a couch to be hypnotized and speak their darkest secrets to their shrinks aka head doctor not to be confused with witch doctor,  OOH EEH OOH AH AAH ting tang walla walla bing bang.

Where the hell am I?

Oh ya, couch sessions with a psychiatrist … Lucy from the Peanuts put her shingle up and for 5 cents, the doctor is real in!  As in hip, as in cool.  But I think Lucy needed help herself.  She was awfully mean when she moved the football away at the last minute.  Every.Single.Time.  Poor Charlie Brown.  He should’ve got up and punched her … notarized my ass.

And with that my stream is out of steam.  Time for a nap.  At 5:30 am CST no less.  Yep, insomnia got me @ 4ish and I said to my self … self get up.

As always, more to come.