What Fresh Hell Is This? 8/29/19

Besides the fact that August us almost over … and that might not be hell since cooler weather would be a respite.

I’ve written many times about my frugality caused in part by my depression era parents.  Waste not want not being one of the most valuable life lessons they imparted on me.  I will wear my shoes until they fall apart … literally as in this photographic evidence.


You’ll have to trust that is me because I cropped out my face – my glasses were askew.  When I first aired this picture, folks assumed I was inebriated.  I wasn’t but I can see how they’d think that.  After all, I was at the Pearl for girls night out which is why crop is my new best friend.

I loved those shoes and talk about getting your money’s worth.  Target special $9.99 and at least six or seven years use.  You’ll have to imagine my surprise when during my recent shoe shopping experience, I came across Rothy’s by recommendation of a friend.

Wait! What fresh hell is this?  You can purchase Rothy’s in-store only if you live in San Francisco. Their only retail location is located on Fillmore Street. For the rest of us, Rothy’s are only available for purchase online at Rothys.com.  Plus they’re freaking expensive to boot (pun intended but I don’t think they make boots, only flats, loafers, or sneakers).  Shoes made from old water bottle destined for the landfill prior to being swept into shoe factory stardom.

Ah, now I get it!  Good for the Earth = expensive.  And now with the thought of being a do-gooder, I am hooked.  Starting for the low, low price of $125.  Why do I think there’s a bridge someone wants to sell me?

As always, more to come.