Jilly Spends the Day with Bull

Time to lean, then time to clean.

Or in my case, time to blog.

Thank you jury duty for a forced day off. Though I should’ve known that I could’ve brought my laptop and worked. Who knew? Times have changed in the last three years. They’ve got two rooms set up just for those of us connected to work types. Too bad I left my laptop at home. Last minute decision caused by knowing I’d have to hoof it a long way from parking to courthouse. Love me some never ending construction.

For the record, jury duty isn’t Bull. Bull is a favorite show of ours. Dr. Jason Bull aka the hottie hot stuff Michael Weatherly formerly of NCIS fame … he is the vol dire aficionado. Reads people like a book. B likes the show since he always guesses the plot twist. Me I just ❤️ spending time with my honey. Awww 🥰

Wait! They called my name. That never happens.

As always more to come.

9 thoughts on “Jilly Spends the Day with Bull

  1. I am pretty sure we weren’t allowed to have technology in the court room while we were waiting. But reading a book and grading papers was allowed. I got selected last time. So I get a 2 year pass!

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    1. I was surprised at the set up. We are an electronic society for sure. Of course they counseled us on use of social media etc and the rules for the jurors are pretty strict. Let’s just say I did not do well and will likely write more about my experience later. Still pretty jazzed right now.


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