What’s On My Mind 8/25/19

I might have a new category here … or not.  I’ve got more options than I can shake a stick at … if I was in a stick shaking mood that is … which I am not …  not what?  In a stick shaking mood.

I’ve got to get some thoughts outta my head.  For better or for worse, I will spew what’s on my mind in the hopes of getting out of this head space.  Which isn’t terrible btw.  Only bothersome and a bit noisy.  Random thoughts pinging around making me delay all the stuff I must get done.

Except, … I have already completed my laundry for the week.  I ❤ doing laundry.  Folks complain that washing clothes is never ending chore but to me, laundry ends and starts again.  Never ending has no end.  Laundry does albeit temporary.  Nothing better than folding and putting everything away.  Aahhh now that’s the stuff.

I think I showed you guys the other “stuff” I brought home from work on Friday 8/23/19.

I’m going where the streets have no name …

I’ve got to clean that out.  Toss what I will never use and organize what I plan to keep.  The grocery bag has already been emptied with things put away.  But I am delaying the inevitable with respect to the suitcase.  I’m an adult now which means if I don’t want to, I don’t have it or at least a saw a meme which said same.

Thing is I really, really want to get my hands on that “stuff” but telling on myself … I downsized more than once in the last few years of job changes and I have totes similar to that suitcase in a closet.  My plan is all or none people.  I will either unleash the hounds to unpack and organize multiple storage bins or I’ll roll this purple beauty into the closet and be done!

Except I need that purple beauty for my daily life as a nomad.  I could get a bigger better wheelie bag for daily use though that seems mighty wasteful.  Or I could take my purple wheelie bag and  dump everything on the floor, pack a change of clothes and assorted toiletries then take off for parts unknown.  Yep, I should do that!

Decisions, decisions.

Or lunch?  Yes!  Time to have lunch.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind 8/25/19

  1. Closets are great places to stash stuff. I know, as mine is full of things I didn’t know what to do with at the time. Once the door is closed I forget all about it. haha! 🙂

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