AMM August 24, 2019

Glorious!  I know I throw around adjectives with the best of them.  Glorious is my current mood and state of mind.  The little things make all the difference.  I’ve noticed though that little like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  For me, attending today’s Annual Members’ Meeting AMM and having a mini-reunion along with meeting new friends was a real treat.

You’ve come a long way baby could not be more true in my case.  Me who used to hide behind my mother’s skirts anytime we were out in public.  I arrived 30 minutes early and though there was a table with a space or two of people I knew, I opted to join the vets at a table of strangers.  They promptly welcomed me heartily into the fold.  Kinda cool, an automatic tribe.  Or what would’ve been my people had my life not taken a departure from my original after graduation intentions.

I’m not sad about the change of plans either because I fully believe that “everything happens for a reason”.  I made new friends who share my love of books.  I sat at the cool kids table until time came for us to mingle.

The meeting itself was short and sweet but still pomp and circumstance.  Robert’s Rules of Order.  That part was a treat too.  Reminded me of clubs in high school where were first learned the mechanics.

The final profile brought tears to my eyes.  The person honored was a WWII veteran, first to receive battlefield commission on D-Day.  Can you even imagine?  He said service was an automatic, “we just did … everyone who was able”.  He was proud to have brought most of his men home.  When called a hero and thanked for his service, he simply said “The credit goes to my men.  I was a perfectionist who never achieved perfection. I just wanted to be a damn good soldier”

And with that, I’m not crying again.  You’re crying again.  They were the Greatest Generation for a reason!!

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “AMM August 24, 2019

      1. I think times have changed too much but some individuals in that age bracket would probably break the mold.


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