Haiku – Marvelous & Terrific Take Two

I didn’t realize that today is my annual anniversary of participating in Ronovan’s weekly Haiku challenge.  I made my usual post and went about my merry way.  As I came back to read the other entries, I noticed his new shiny badge in honor of FIVE years!! Which is fantastic btw.  When I went in to substitute the badges, I noticed 8/20/18 was the first time I joined in the fun.

I had written haiku prior – usually sad forlorn stuff.  Mostly about my kids and how hard parenting can be.  My tune changed based on his wonderful prompts.  Instead of sad, my words became spirited.  In my first attempt today, I slid back into forlorn with my sarcastic marvelous and terrific being late since Ms. Thesaurus made me realize terrific can be upsetting, agitating, etc… In take two, I am turning my frown upside down. Borrowing from Nando aka Billy Crystal.

You know who you are

Darling you look marvelous

Simply amazing