Testing – Please Work! Friday Night Lights Edition

This video comes from an 8mm film of a dad watching his son practice with his team.  My team!  St. Gerard Royals!  Set to the song that our high school band played at every single football game – Friday Night Lights in prime style.  I had hoped you could see it too but alas technology isn’t my friend.  Damn you FB.

As always, more to come.

You Never Really Know

People man, I tell ya.  Secrets and lies.  Half truths.  Years of infidelity.

I am feeling guilty.  I shared some info with my kid that I thought he needed to know.  Turns out, he could have gone his whole life without knowing.  Ignorance is bliss.

I had good motives but B was right.  He is always right!  I should’ve listened to him.  Shut your mouth!

In the aftermath, Pony shared things with us last night that makes me equals parts angry and sad.  How can people be that way!  He’s no angel but damn, in this case things are leaning towards his side. Breaks my heart to think he carried his burden 10 long years without reaching out.  My offer of you can always talk to me went unaccepted.  Until yesterday.

As I wake up on this deary rainy day. I’m introspective.  Thinking about motivations.  Nurture verses Nature.  What makes good people to bad things.  I’m glad to have the day off.  Don’t think I could work if I tried.  I turn to music to take me away.

As always, more to come.

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

But only if we do not fix the shower.


As you may or may not know, we’ve been down to one bathroom for many many months.  I forget how many.  Several months though.  Over a year?  Hmm likely.

And now … drum roll please


The other faucet is leaking now too.

Ugh!  And B is not a plumber.  He does more DIY than most but certain things he will not touch with a ten foot pole.  Plumbing happens to be one of them.

Oh well, I guess we’re gonna need a bigger boat … I mean a bucket and the garden hose.

I am cheap.  But we need to shower.

As always, more to come.