“I Knew You When”

Hi folks!  Meet Janet.  She’s my crafty friend from the west.  Somewhere in the great state of California I believe.

The song I just linked back to above made me cry.  Yet I’m happy.  I’m just very emotional lately.

Oh who am I trying to kid?  I am always very emotional but today for some reason I’m verklempt! Next week Lulu will be gone.  Not gone, gone.  Back to school.

“Cry me a River” Justin Timberlake.   Boo, hoo, hoo.  I am gonna make hay while the sun shines and spend some time with my girl. See ya soon-ish. You’ll see some pre-recorded stuff but only the shadow knows where we will be.

As always, more to come.


For 8/11/19 ~ “Man on the Moon”

Jim says our prompt for August 11, 2019 is a song that includes somebody famous in it.  Hmm.  Define famous.  Like in my own mind?  LOL.

How about this song?

REM’s 1992 hit “Man on the Moon” began as a tribute to Andy Kaufman’s performances and included other famous folks … Mott the Hoople, Elvis, Newton, Moses, Charles Darwin … Lyrics within.

Rules and Ping Back

As always, more to come.