#FlashFiction or 100 Words of Less 8/9/19

The rumble of thunder and crack of lightning did nothing to ease the fear roiling in her stomach.  The pins and needles prickle created goosebumps that traveled up to the back of her neck.  Was she being watched?  Surely not.  Her mundane life held no secrets that’d cause such an interest.  Must be the book she read last night.  Another psychological thriller.  Reading was good for the soul but doing so sparked too much activity in her already worried mind.  Meditation.  Ah now that’s the stuff to cure what ails you. Her imagination was playing tricks.  Then she heard screaming.

12 thoughts on “#FlashFiction or 100 Words of Less 8/9/19

  1. Well done Jill. That would be me. The other night I heard a big crash. The sound of a large box falling. (My low-tech *back up* security system is a box in front of the door, so that I would at least hear the noise.) I got up, machete in hand and searched the house, finding nothing amiss. On the way back to bed I found the big piece of cardboard I had been using as a tarp for painting some things… I had stood it against the wall to reclaim the floor… it had fallen over. Hugs!

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    1. Those gremlins in the form of cardboard are surely frightening. I can picture the scene machete in hand. Sounds like a super hero ready to protect. So many stories from real life. Hugs to you too.


    1. Books. I’m on a kick reading thrillers. “Watching You” by Lisa Jewel and “Never Tell” by Lisa Gardner. Both were … well … both were thrilling 😮


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