J-Dub’s Review of “Good Luck With That” by Kristan Higgins

I quoted many a line from this book before I even finished reading.  Once I was done, I gave a resounding FIVE stars!!!!!  Then I went through and read some of the Goodreads reviews.  My oh my there are two sides to every story.  Or maybe more like three or four sides or as many sides as there are people.  Ugh!  Will I be a sheep and change my vote?

High level without spoilers this is a story of friendship with a romantic underlying theme.  Childhood friends (Georgia, Marley and Emerson) who met at fat camp are reunited years later in tragedy.  Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.  The story continues on dealing with grief and intersecting back in time and present day.  These girls want to be skinny and have boyfriends.  But oh there is much more to life.  They just don’t know it.  Chapters are titled by the character’s name who is expressing her POV.  Emerson’s journal entries are sprinkled throughout.  Basically this book attempts to take a good hard look at societal views of beauty and relationships – familial, friends, and other types.

I guess I am shifting my verdict somewhat.  Kelly and the Book Boar offered “However, that’s not how it was and they were all fucked up due to their families and apparently fat people can’t just be fat without superbadawfuls so like I said get pissed if you want because that was sort of grating.”  And then I thought with a critical mind.  She’s freaking right.  Society judges – when you’re fat you must have been hurt badly for surely you’d be thin otherwise.  And one explanation that the book offers for Emerson’s morbid obesity is sadly true from some.  There is however no universal truth.

Still I think what drew me in for the gut punch was how much I related to the females who led this story.  In fact they could be several someones I know very well.  These imaginary characters became my friends.  Then I realized my empathy was anything but and in fact I think my feelings bordered on pity and no one wants that.  I cried at times.  Of course I laughed too.  

The book is really long but I made it all the way.  I recommend you read it too if chick lit is your thang.  Not thing … your thang … lol

Before I go, here are a few more gems:

“The look that said fat was worse than hateful or dishonest or cruel”

“I was awash with guilt, the curse of the Catholics”

“You could take the Catholic out of the girl but not the superstition”

“People asked me why I left the law. For hugs I said”

“There was no reason to dress up for reading.  Books didn’t care.  Books were just happy to be read”

Goodreads 4.14 of 5 stars … fickle Jill is still staying with her 5. Any book that brings the emotions out – laughter or tears is worthy of five stars.  The emotions get me every time.

As always, more to come.