For 8/4/19 ~ “As Days Go By”

Jim is really knocking it outta the park with his prompt selections.  Last week we popped pop corn and listened to songs from various movies.  Now we are moving to TV-Land.

As a TV-a-holic, I had more songs to choose from than I knew what do to with.  I almost posted a compilation of by the decade TV theme songs but then I said to myself – Self you CAN make a decision.  Doesn’t have to be perfect.

Hmm.  Decisions, decisions!  Would I go favorite show or favorite lyrics?  Which decade? As I searched, I landed on this beauty.  This show was a Friday night favorite originally part of ABCs TGIF (Thanks Goodness It’s Funny) line-up before being picked up by CBS.

“As Days Go By,” was written by Jesse Frederick, Bennett Salvay and Scott Roeme and performed by Frederick.  Fun fact this song was the 2nd theme song replacing Louis Armstrong’s “It’s A Wonderful World” which only aired for the first five shows in season one. Here is a WIKI with all your Family Matters details.

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14 thoughts on “For 8/4/19 ~ “As Days Go By”

  1. I certainly remember this. I watched it every week with each new episode & Perfect Strangers. Wow, thanks for the memories. “Did I do thaaaatttt? Sure did! Couldn’t wait to see what Urkel did next. Great Pop Culture!


    1. I had forgotten the link to “Perfect Strangers”. We watched that show too and we didn’t go out on Friday night either 🙂


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