#SoCS for 7/27/19 ~ “clean/dirty”

Good morning to my favorite people on the planet.

YOU!  Yes ALL of YOU!

If you are reading this post you are a favorite person.

What time is it? Game time!   Time once again for Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday aka #SoCS aka the place where little Jilly Mac let’s her freak flag fly.  Yep I said it.  About myself so that is A-okay! Besides freak flag is not a bad thing.  According to Urban Dictionary anyways.  It says and I quote:

Freak flag = A characteristic, mannerism, or appearance of a person, either subtle or overt, which implies unique, eccentric, creative, adventurous or unconventional thinking.

Let’s move along shall we?  Alrighty then.  Linda says your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “clean/dirty.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!

Hmm.  Think, think and think.  All I got for clean/dirty is Orbit commercials like the one that follows:

There are more just like this … the one with the cheating husband

Stinky Mac-Stink face!  Says the Lint Licker to the Son of Biscuit eating Bull Dog and the Cootie Queen.

He-lair-E-us.  How’s that for phonetic spelling?!?!?  Hilarious! Amiright?  Nope just mildly amusing?  Nope not funny at all?  Well that’s still A-okay.

Speaking of Cootie Queen because we were you know, who remembers the kids’ game called Cootie!?  You rolled a die (the singular for dice) and depending on the number you landed on you got another part of a bug aka cootie.

I realize this is a video happy post but I wanted proof I had not lost it.  Yes there was such a game as Cootie! On any given Saturday 1972 or 73 my brothers and I might be playing Cootie along a plethora of other board games but only after watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Ah now that’s the stuff.  And I am done.

If you’d like to join this merry band of prompt respondents or read their works extraordinaire, here are the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.

14 thoughts on “#SoCS for 7/27/19 ~ “clean/dirty”

  1. Okay, here’s the thing, I liked to play with the Cootie pieces, like make them a family, take them to Barbie’s house, use them like toys. I thought the game aspect was a bit dull, lol!
    I fly my freak flag from time to time, but I think people always know I have one anyway.

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    1. Fun times. Barbie’s dream house needs an exterminator. Lol.

      Cootie was frustrating at times. Took forever to roll enough 6s for the legs. We didn’t know any better. Before long we mixed Cootie with Ants in Your Pants and Don’t Break the Ice. Then there was Battleship and a good Game of Clue.

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  2. Cootie was made by Schaper Toys, who had commercials that featured the Cootie bug saying at the end, “Schaper always keeps you laughing, ha ha ha ha ha.” Cootie is now made by Milton Bradley. The things you learn on Wikipedia…

    Oh, the Orbit girl is Farris Patton in the first commercial and Vanessa Branch in the second.

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