Rambling and Musing 7/23/19

Apparently I have no idea what clutter is …

I refrain from the heavy cleaning because once I get started I seriously cannot stop.  Thank goodness B is willing and able to do the major chores.  I stick to the light stuff.  Dishes, laundry, picking up after myself, and other things along those lines.

A while back I took on the major chore of organizing my office.  I wrote many a post about my adventures but since WP does not have the memories feature like the dreaded FB, I cannot find them.

Doesn’t matter.  Long story short, I organized my office and basically it’s still organized.  No small feat y’all and the little bit of “mess” is nothing.  Or so I am told by the family because apparently I do not live in the “real” world.  My world is the fake bubble which Jilly created.  Perhaps they are correct and my ridiculously neurotic self does not allow me to admit everything is alright.

Something has to be MAJORLY wrong.  The other shoe is ALWAYS about to drop.  Defense mechanism.  Prepare of the worst and when that never comes you can live with the steady hum that is anxiety.

You know I think they forgot.  There was a time.  I was in the throes of clinical depression.  But that was then and this is now.  And somehow I survived.

As always, more to come.