Uh Yea, That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

The title does not fit the post … I have no mark only a very sore neck.  Ya see I got a new pair of glasses recently.  I was all excited to be rainbow styling.  I was on vacay and not looking at my screen.  Sweet nirvana aka heaven aka time stopped y’all truly it did.

Yesterday was my first day back using le PC.  I thought I was losing my mind.  Everything was blurry.  I kept craning my neck to see.  When I held my glasses up to the center of my forehead, I could see just fine.  Back on my nose and blurry again.  Ugh 😦  I guess the bifocal line went in the wrong spot.

I LOVE my eye doctor but his staff well ….  The whole company was re-branded in an effort to save this once stellar flagship from imploding.  This was the first year I was brave enough to get my frames from them because of the new system.  Sadly much like the old.  My measurements are way off.  Let’s see what the behemoth that is Visionworks can do.

I feel guilty for not going back.  I should try and give them a chance.  At least I will get my exam done there.  What would you do fine folks of bloglandia? Inquiring minds want to know.

As always, more to come.

22 thoughts on “Uh Yea, That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

  1. your heart is in the right place – but no way would I go back – this is important stuff and even though you like the doc – the whole thing has to work – and excellence and competence matters 🙂

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  2. The last time my wife and I had our eyes tested we went to a small local opticians, having previously used a national company for many years. We found that we were never seeing the same person twice, and were shunted around from one “expert” to another, never quite knowing what was going on.

    We are much happier knowing that we will be seen by the same optician, although the cost is higher, it is worth it!

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  3. It seems to happen every time I have gone and got my glasses. The last time it was a matter of straightening the frame, go figure but they worked great after I watched the girl adjust them. I will add that my glasses never work if I am on the computer. I have to tilt my head and it is still to small for me to see. For computer use I bought those cheap readers from the dollar store. I leave them at the computer, and switch them out when I use it.

    So, I’d go back and make them fix it. You paid for glasses that work for you 🙂 I’d try to get what I paid for 🙂

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    1. Definitely going to get them fixed just not sure by who. I’ll try back at the original place first. My old pair will ride me over as my changes were minor.


  4. If you don’t adjust to them, I would take them back until they get them right. I have been with the same eye doc since the early 80s. They messed up one pair, and they finally caved and ordered new lenses. Problem solved.

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  5. Hope you get them adjusted so they are right. I know about sore necks. I have tri-focals and trying to see the screen is still mostly a blur, plus cataracts & glaucoma. Ugh! One time the people got my glasses lenses switched left for right and vice versa. I kept telling them something was wrong, and finally they figured it out. When they switched the lenses it was okay then.

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