What Day Is This?

Friday. The correct answer is Friday. My last day of vacation. Well official last day since I’m fortunate enough to be off weekends. #free48 just a tad bit early.

I’m wide awake. Wired for sound is the expression that comes to mind. I watched one of those telemarking trash videos that suck you in. Waiting for the secret that never comes. I can’t turn off my brain. Ugh! Can’t have this. I need my sleep.

No blue light 30 minutes before bed time helps. Tonight I took a different path. It’s a blue light special. Might explain my wide awakeness. Making up words again.

Anyway did you know that if you watch 30 minutes less of TV each day, that equates to 24 books on average a year? We really DO have time to read. If you say you don’t have time, you’re really choosing not to read. Which is okay. Personal freedom and all that Jazz. Guess I’ll sign off. Try to get some shuteye.

As always more to come.

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