Unexpected Fireworks

Our tractor caught fire while B was on it. Mister he man jumped off the seat, opened the hood and started a fire brigade. The small flames were quickly snuffed. Thank goodness. Something he had done prior to jury rig gave way and baby kabluy.

Me “were you scared?”

B “nope … we’ll sort of excited … the battery isn’t far from the fuel tank”

Me “thank goodness you weren’t hurt. That would’ve been bad”

B “just glad my tractor is ok. ”

Me “you’re more important than the tractor”

B shakes his head. Mumbled something about diesel burns differently. Grumbling about losing time. Now $50 later, the tractor has a new battery and he’s out there shredding. Secretly he’s in hog heaven.

As always more to come.

So, … More Funny Math of the Heathcare Insurance Variety

We are blessed to have health insurance.  I have no idea what’d we do without.  Crazy scary to be uninsured.  Despite being one of the fortunate ones, I believe our system is broken.  I take no political stance here; only going to give you some examples.

B had his five year routine colonoscopy screening.  Here is the breakdown of the charges:

  • Amount billed
    • Surgical Center = $2100
    • Member rate = $2063
    • Plan pays 100% or $2063
  • Amount billed
    • For Doctor = $575
    • Member rate = $375
    • Plan pays 100% or $375
  • Amount billed
    • For anesthesia (doctor and procedure) = $1190
    • Member rate = $474.50
    • Plan pays 100% or $474.50

Grand spanking total = $3865 with plan paying $2912.50 and $0 out of pocket since screening is a perk of having the insurance.

Am I complaining?  Nope. Well, yes!  And I have to ask, what is the true cost?  Did someone get shorted $952.50?  Or is the true cost $2,912.50?  My guess is neither and there in lies the problem.

We are playing with people’s lives.  Those who can afford testing, medication, etc and those who go without.  Criminal I tell ya!  How’d we begin to pony up $3865 as a no insurance patient?  The answer is sad.  People don’t.  They skip preventive, they cut back on medications, they sacrifice … that’s the word.  Sacrifice.  I said I would not be political but it’s shameful.

One more example before I go. My emergency office visit.  Here I found out I was nearly normal.  

  • Amount billed
    • For doctor = $258
    • Member rate = $98.07
  • Amount billed
    • For CT with contrast = $1084 plus $50 for iodine
    • Member rate = $553.34 plus $12 for iodine (bet I can find iodine on shelves for $1.99)

Stop it Jilly! But no!  I wanna know!!  What’s the real cost?  Is it $1392 or $663.41?

In this case, I had not met my $2700 deductible.  Therefore the plan pays nothing.  I was billed onsite for $607.10.  Had to pay before they’d treat me.  When things came out in the wash, I owed $565.34.  I called again to find out where the difference was and a request to credit my card was made.  I will have a credit in 7 to 10 business days versus the 30 to 45 days if I had allowed the system to reconcile things on its’ own timeline.

I paid the doctor $98.07 out of HSA funds since I did’t understand the whole big red boat thing anyway.  I surely won’t get rich from healthcare tax deferral.  A – I do not put in enough and B – the interest is only a dollar.   Would be years before I use these funds to get my yacht.

Well we’re moving on up, to the east-side, to a deluxe apartment in the skkky iiii  … we finally got a piece of the piiiiieee. 

I’d laugh if it wasn’t pitiful.  And my family and I, we are the fortunate ones.  I had a credit card with no balance to drop the charges on.  I hate like heck that’s what it took but I am grateful I could.  Why should I even care about anyone else?  Oh but I do.  Cue the haters.  I can take it.

As always, more to come.