12:01 am Monday July 1, 2019

That’s the official start to my stay-cation. At 11, we go to a celebration of life for Uncle Bubbie. Maybe it’s wrong to say I’m looking forward to the services but I am. We’ll have a reunion of epic proportions for those who are still in San Antonio and can attend.

Such an inspiration to us all.  His life was not the easiest but he sure had an attitude that carried him far.  The oldest of 13 who took over as man of the house at the tender age of 14.  A responsibility he did not take lightly.  Co-Owner of the company that B had the privilege to work for until the business was sold late last year.

The remainder of the week, July 4th included will be free flowing. No alarm, no plans, all about me. Do what I want to do. When I want to do it.

Someone asked me where I was going then gave me a look when I said nowhere. Why should vacation = travel. Traveling invokes stress. I’ve gotten better over the years but packing and the hustle bustle is not my thang.

Plus travelling isn’t free.  Wait! What?  No free travel.  I was sure they gave away vacations.  Though Pony says “mom, you can afford things; quit living beneath your means”.  And maybe we could or should but Lulu is in school all summer and B is starting a business.  Timing isn’t right.  And we are back again to time being of the essence.  And since there is no Star Trek beam me up to get us places quickly, I’ll stay home thank you very much.  Not a waste of time either as I have decided!  Mr. Hand this is MY time … to do as I will with it.


Peace and Tranquility are mine.

As always, more to come.

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