Random Musings 6/29/19

Today I decided to go shopping before all the malls die out.  Look here – John Holton has a very enjoyable #SoCS post today. After you see Mr. No Respect in Caddyshack, the post moves on to the topic at hand.  Did you even know Dan Bell has a “Dead Mall” series?  I did not!  I always learn something with I stop by John’s place.  Such wonderful entertainment with commercial breaks and everything.

Now back to my regularly – not very often – but when the whim strikes – scheduled program of random musing.  I went shopping!  I tried on clothes.  I came home with zilch pronounced zill chay.  Not really, that’s only when I am feeling silly and want to mispronounce words.  Say it with me zill chay.  LOL.

And there were sales all over the freaking place.  No wonder the malls are dying.  The stores are giving away the farm.  But if the style is not my thing then buying new clothes even at deep discounts is a complete waste.  I need someone to style me y’all.  Puhleese.  You see my mom was a garage sale shopper.  I have no idea what goes with what.

I am happiest in my house dress.  Which btw I plan to wear exclusively once I retire.  Yes my house dresses are really nightgowns from Walmart.  But they are only $6.88 each.  I can get seven brand news ones and be living large.

Why do they do that?  What you ask?  Why make items something .88 cents?  Wally World does that to almost everything.  Why not .00 or .99 or .50 or .25?  Huh?  Why? Anyone know?  Anyone care?  Nope! Not even me.

I could have made this post a So, … funny math bit.  But I’d have to log back into Aetna and that’s not happening.  Not today anyway.  I need a break.  Give me a break. Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

I must think I’m John. 🙂  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Ten/four good buddies.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “Random Musings 6/29/19

  1. First, I’m flattered. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Mary has some regular house dresses, and she also has some sweats she “inherited” (read “stole”) from me. Her mom lived in housecoats, and when she died we were tempted to bury her in one because, to us, that was her. She never wore anything like the clothes we bought to bury her in, and we felt a little funny buying them for her.

    Every store has their own way of denoting which items are on sale, usually by the price. .88 is just the way Walmart chooses to do it. I worked at a department store where anything that ended in .99 was a sale item.

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    1. You’re welcome 😊.

      Customs often dictates and emotions run high. I remember our next door neighbor insisted she be buried in her night gown and her kids honored her wishes. Rude people had the nerve to comment on it. I was just a kid and thought she looked like an angel. It made it less scary at her viewing.

      Tomorrow we go to a celebration of life for Uncle Bubbie. His one wish was no suits. He had a beach house we all visited at one time or another. Some cousins suggested we wear bathing suits. Not sure we’ll participate but I sure do love the sentiment. Uncle would have been happy about that.

      A few have commented on the odd cents. Now my curiosity is satisfied 😂.


  2. Decide on a palette. Look at what you go to as soon as it’s clean. Like, which of your house dresses do you PREFER? Which shirts and pants? Why do you think that is? I could really take you on a trip with styling. I really could. I’d be all up in your closet and so bossy. LOL
    Have a great Sunday 🙂

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  3. BTW, did you catch this?

    Austin World Naked Bike Ride

    Austin, TX
    260 Members

    http://www.atxwnbr.comThis group is for those interested in the Austin WNBR. Especially if you are interested in volunteering to help in the next ride. We will also have periodic cl…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    I just blogged about the LA one. It was a blast!

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  4. The last two digits often contain information about the product. Like everything that is .88 is on sale and not eligible for other discounts or money off coupons.

    REI will announce a sale. Say, “25% off everything!” in bold print Then in very fine print it will say “except for items with a price ending in .77”.

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