So, … I Learned Something New

Thanks to Dan over at No Facilities I became aware that WP has such a thing as a spam folder for comments.  Maybe I already knew but I forgot.  As I forget easily these days.  Spam comments can affect your stats. Means I learned something new.  I will eventually figure out how 49% lower = 33% reduction.  Ah all math is funny math.  🙂

The only stat I follow is my consecutive days streak notification – today makes 313 days of posts in a row.  Otherwise stats don’t mean much to me since I am not a monetized blog.  I only come here to read the articles.  Wink wink.  Actually the pictures are pretty good too.  No one will likely get my veiled reference.  But I am giggling all the same.

Anyway, marching on … I looked right now finding 101 spam tagged comments from the last few days.  Some of them came from fine folks I know.  I will slowly approve those as I wade through the list.  The remainder came from ads – need a new phone, wireless ear buds, air fryers or electric tooth brushes.  Apparently someone out there thinks I NEED these things.

Wonder what else I am missing?  Might be time to spruce up the place again.  Comb through my WP functionality.  Summertime fun time!!

As always, more to come.

15 thoughts on “So, … I Learned Something New

  1. I check spam occasionally. It is almost all garbage with the random link back to a prompt post.

    I get your ref. My dad subscribed to Playboy for decades and read the entire thing. I mostly did too. They had great short fiction. And of course I was obsessed with the centerfold’s stats (weight mostly)… not knowing back then there was such a thing as “fake news.”

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  2. I check the spam everyday as part of my wordpress process. I’m always amazed how regular commenters are there ALL the time. What I don’t like is when I check the dashboard, which I don’t do often, it shows how many where just labeled as “spam” and deleted without me even seeing them. I wonder how many were “real” comments. Because there are literally thousands that have just been deleted without me ever seeing them. Seems obvious to me that from the ones in the spam folder that regular commenters comments, say that 3 times, could be being deleted. This not only affects your site but that person is being flagged as spam, deleted, and it will stick. At some point wordpress will just throw all their comments, no matter where they are commenting in the trash.

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  3. I try to remember to check my spam catch on a regular basis. Sometimes things go straight to the trash too. I’ve been thinking about doing a change to my site too. Must be the itch of summer.

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