BBQ & National Donut Day 2019

Our delayed flight finally landed, I got my bag and made it to my car by 1:30 something AM on 6/7/19.  Yay National Donut Day !!!  I had to maneuver around debris because of the storm as I drove myself home.  Surreal feeling in that I used to drive home late at night for a few years when I worked the night shift.  After hours is like a whole alternate universe.  I flashed right back to that time and felt the serene sense of downtime.

This morning before my appointment Lulu and I went to the Art of Donuts, Dough Lab.  I got birthday cake and she got unicorn.  These are basically yeast donuts with various flavored icing.  Mine was vanilla with sprinkles and Lulu’s was caramel rainbow glaze with edible glitter.  YUMMY!

Speaking of yummy, I am reporting back on Kansas City BBQ.  Simply put, it not Texas BBQ.  Lol.  Well duh??  🙂  No complaints.  The Q was good just not Tejas bueno.

We skipped Arthur Bryant’s because the nearest restaurant was too far away.  Instead we went to Jack Stack’s which was on the trolley line.  The menu was a novel with more to choose from than I could have imagined.  I could go everyday for a month and not eat the same thing twice.  I ended up getting the burnt ends as they came highly recommended.  I was supposed to choose two meats but couldn’t decide.  I ended up getting double pork.  My sides were some kind of queso corn thingy and cole slaw.  Oh and my co-worked got some BBQ shrimp appetizer that was excellent.

Back to burnt ends … they are not burnt .. no crunchy bark … they’re called burnt because the meat spends more time in the smoker.  I am telling ya it is fall apart good.  The sauce was good.  They had both original and spicy but none of us could tell the difference.  KC does spicy by adding more black pepper but it really wasn’t too hot.

We rolled on outta there. Took an Uber to Harrah’s.  I played black jack and thoroughly enjoyed my time.  $5 table y’all.  If I lived there, we’d have a problem.  I could have stayed all night.  Intoxicating for sure.  And I have an addictive personality already so being able to gamble any time I want would be too tempting.

Okay, I would quit my day job to become a food blogger gambler.  I got nothing else.  This post is going out with a whimper.  Ttyl as the kids say.

As always, more to come.


12 thoughts on “BBQ & National Donut Day 2019

    1. It is every first Friday in June. This year I took the day off for other reasons. Finding out about donut day was bonus 🙂


  1. I would certainly get behind your food blogger gambler blog 🙂 I kid you not it made my day to open this post and see there were I don’t know how many words but triple the norm. My goodness bbq is a gift from God and so are donuts, I feel. They make us so happy they have to be right? BUT having said that hubby says y’all’s is the best he has had 2nd to ours 😉 He says it’s almost as good as the one we get bbq from in town if we are eating bbq out, ya know? LOL Burnt ends, Burnt ends???…are you trying to kill me when there are no burnt ends within 50 miles of here. Bad Jill hehehe 🙂 It was a blessing to read about all of your blessings. Thank you for being you my friend 🙂

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    1. Definitely a gift from God. And oh so tasty.
      I almost wrote about the guilt of eating one or both and then decided to cut that part of the post. Life is too short to waste it by feeling guilty.

      You make it easy to be friends. One of the most welcoming souls I know. You are a keeper my dear friend Margaret. Salt of the Earth.

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      1. So you repay me by making me cry hehehe 🙂 🙂 And hubby is sitting right here 🙂 Thank you Jill 🙂 I feel the same about you 🙂 I always know I will get an honest does of wisdom when I come and visit with you 🙂

        There is always some guilt lurking. You are amazing at dealing with it, putting a happy spin on it, even when you don’t want to 🙂 and you conquer it. Warrior Jill 🙂 Not everyone can do that well, and you do 🙂

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