Badge Contest Over At Linda’s

I for one am glad Linda is late with this contest.  I love that little monkey.  I am keeping him around for stress relief.  I mean who can be upset when they look at that sweet lil face.  Preciousness … see …

While I don’t have anything better, I am entering for fun. Who knows what might happen?? For some reason I hear “Engine, engine #9, going down Chicago line.  If the train should jump the track, would you want your money back? Y E S spells yes and you are not it!  How about a game of freeze tag or hide-n-seek?

Man I miss those days.  Summer time and the living is easy.  I must be punch drunk.  Mixing my stuff like it’s #SoCS or something.  LOL!!  Anyhoo, with further ado, this is my entry.

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