Will Someone Pack for Me Puhleese????

… because I don’t wanna.  Worst part of taking a trip is PACKING.

Can’t I just time travel?  Something like Star Trek beam me up Scotty or even Quantum Leap’s Sam where I simply wake up tomorrow in KC.  In someone else’s body ?!??  That’d be awesome.  Lol.

Anyone remember that show? … With Scott Bakula?? He’s Mister NCIS: New Orleans these days.

Nope!  Not possible?  Well that’s a bummer.  I guess better get crack-a-lack-in.

As always, more to come.


21 thoughts on “Will Someone Pack for Me Puhleese????

  1. Sorry I missed this post because I might have offered my condolences. I hear you!
    Yeah, I often wish I could beam myself somewhere or, at the very least, have a holodeck so I could create a handsome age-appropriate man who packs for me.

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  2. Packing…ugh! I always take too much.
    Have fun in KC – and safe travels!
    If you get a chance, go to Arthur Bryant’s BBQ place. It’s famous, and the food is great. Just a small little place, but famous people go there sometimes! 🙂

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  3. Sorry, but this is one of those times when it’s much easier being a guy. Socks for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – repeat with the rest of the underneath stuff. Decide which shoes are most comfy, choose pants , belt and shirts accordingly. Throw the bag with the razor and bathroom junk in and we’re done.

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