Master Chef 5/29/19

New for season 10. The 19 year old from Grand Rapids MI gets the battle card from Gordon. He’ll cook off against whoever Joe and Aaron give their cards to. Street kid with a single tear running down his cheek started the waterworks for me. His family said “if you try out, don’t come home.” They’re completely against his wanting a career in the culinary arts. Here’s hoping he won’t need a place to go. Battle on!

As always more to come.

10 thoughts on “Master Chef 5/29/19

  1. I was really upset by that young man’s story as well. I was never put out, but my dreams were not upheld either (my folks were more focused on my younger brother, who was a troublemaker, and they truly believed that since I was a good student, etc., I didn’t need the support as much as he did).

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  2. Those contestants with the family story always tug on my heartstrings too! I didn’t see the show, but I do hope the young lad does well and realizes his dreams.

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    1. Me too! The battle card is new this season. Maybe they will do something like battle but then have all three make it on to the show. Gordon has become a softy. lol. It could happen.

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