Hurry Up and Wait

I bring this on myself. Dang it! Oh well πŸ˜” I’m early. Again! As always! Ugh πŸ˜‘. Now I’ve got time to think πŸ€”. Boo! Over analyze is more like it.

Have you ever wanted something so bad for all the wrong reasons? That’s me. And I’m scared they might call my bluff. Will I have the guts to say no? Will I be able to stand not being the chosen one? I’d like to say yes.

Examining one’s motives is hard work. It’s not exactly attention seeking but along the same line. Validation! I crave validation.

If not this then something else. That whole reason thing I was talking about recently. Besides I’ve a few tricks up my sleeve … old dog 🐢 that I am.

As always more to come.

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