Brought Over from FB, Originally Posted Three Years Ago

The following was written in May of 2016.  The year Lulu graduated from high school:

Trying to get the wrinkles out of Lulu’s graduation gown. I can’t iron worth a darn. I have the whole set up too … as a wedding gift. Almost 32 years old and still works. The trouble I’m having is purely user error. Unless a garment is wash and wear, I refuse to purchase it. Because I can’t iron. I had the best teacher but it didn’t take.

Times like this I miss my mom. She was an expert at ironing. Her mom brought in extra cash washing and ironing for other people. She and Aunt Annie were my grandma’s helpers. For years, mom ironed baptismal robes for St. MM altar society. She’d iron on the transfer and I’d go over it with liquid embroidery. And of course I’m getting misty eyed now remembering all this.

But they’re happy tears. I’m taking nothing for granted. Lulu deserves for this time to be happy not maudlin. We’re going low key but we’re serenely joyful. Is there even such a thing?


Post script from May of 2019.  The thing is that time … May 2016 was very maudlin for reasons of which I still cannot speak.  I know going back is impossible.  I still wish I knew then what I know now.  Oh my how I would have done things differently.  But we do the best we can at the time with the info at hand.  I remind myself if things has turned out differently, no guarantee they’d be any better now.  Actually things might be even worse.

11 thoughts on “Brought Over from FB, Originally Posted Three Years Ago

  1. Yes, my mom would iron the sheets too. My grandmother used to iron for the neighbors as well. I had and Auntie Annie too! She and my mom were twins. I don’t iron either. If my husband wants something ironed he does it himself. Suits me just fine. He’s too fussy anyway.

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  2. “Serenely joyful” might be the definition of “bliss.”

    My guess is that your mother was born in the ’30’s, because Mom was the same way. She used to iron everything. Permanent press? She’d still iron it. For that matter, Mary brought her mother’s ironing board home when we were cleaning out her apartment. I think the thing was older than either of us. Wish we had brought home her wringer washer…

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    1. You guessed right. 1932. There are a few items I wish we had saved. Those ironing boards were built to last. They sure don’t make them like that anymore. Sure would be cool to have a wringer washer.


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