Note to Self

Don’t start a post on one device … your phone and move to your desktop and then go back to yet another device … your iPad.  WP just can’t handle it.  You run the risk of your final Picasso turning into a dud.

Now Kindle …  Kindle can sync like nobody’s business.  I wish WP would ask me if I wanted to go to the last page written.  Yea, do that WP.  That’d be sweet.

I wonder if that is the cloud based stuff at work.  See I am a Luddite lite.  I have no idea how … I just know the what.  I am too impatient to sit down and go through painstaking steps to diagnose issues.  I’d rather right click to oblivion.     I also forget correct terminology.  While I might figure something out and be able to repeat it for myself, I cannot explain what I did to save my life.  

Anyway, that is all.  Had to get that out.  No more multi-device posts for moi.

As always, more to come.


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