J-Dub’s Review of “She Wanted It All: A True Story of Sex, Murder, and a Texas Millionaire” by Kathryn Casey

I read this book because I was in between and the story happened to take place in and around Austin Texas. I always enjoy reading something when I know the landmarks. However my enjoyment stops there since true crime is no longer a favorite genre of mine. I used you read books by Ann Rule in the same way someone might pop through a cartridge of Pez candy. Not any longer. Through therapy I learned not to read anything that makes me anxious. I’ve reduced medical journals as well. One day I’ll just keel over. It’s better that way. But I jest. Kind of, sort of, maybe.

I can summarize this true life event in a six word story …

Greedy bitch did it for money!

Her poor girls. Actually poor everyone who crossed her path. Something was missing inside. No soul. And that’s if you believe the prosecution… and I do.

I rate 3 stars. Goodreads overall is at 4.09 stars.

As always more to come.

Note to Self

Don’t start a post on one device … your phone and move to your desktop and then go back to yet another device … your iPad.  WP just can’t handle it.  You run the risk of your final Picasso turning into a dud.

Now Kindle …  Kindle can sync like nobody’s business.  I wish WP would ask me if I wanted to go to the last page written.  Yea, do that WP.  That’d be sweet.

I wonder if that is the cloud based stuff at work.  See I am a Luddite lite.  I have no idea how … I just know the what.  I am too impatient to sit down and go through painstaking steps to diagnose issues.  I’d rather right click to oblivion.     I also forget correct terminology.  While I might figure something out and be able to repeat it for myself, I cannot explain what I did to save my life.  

Anyway, that is all.  Had to get that out.  No more multi-device posts for moi.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 5/25/19 ~ Rhymes With Rosy

Time once again for an exciting exercise in creativity.  Time where anything goes and you can let any and all thoughts spill on to the page.  What time is that you ask?  Game time! Time for #SoCS.

How many “time” is too many for your opening?  Seven … the answer is seven because six is mighty fine.  🙂

Our lovely host the one and only Linda G Hill provides this prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rhymes with rosy.” Find a word that rhymes with “rosy” or use the word “rosy” and base your post on it. Enjoy!

Hmmm Rosy … Nosy … Posy …

Rosy rolly polly

Rosy …


I am blocked.

Oh well, there is always next Saturday and the Saturday after that and so on and so forth and forever marching forward. Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday.

As always, more to come.

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