Hey Y’all I’m Verklempt But Happy Verklempt

Tomorrow I am participating in JA in a Day.  For those who don’t know, JA is short for Junior Achievement.  For those who don’t know, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.  For those who don’t know, JA in a Day lets me bring real life lessons in civics and finance to the classroom.  For those you don’t know, children are our future ….

Cue music … teach them well and let them lead the way …  show them all the beauty they possess inside … give them a sense of pride to make it easier …

Sing It! Ms. Houston.  See y’all I’m verklempt!!!!

And enough with for those who don’t know Jilly Beans.  I was told once that writing or speaking like that is condescending.  I do not want to be that … condescending.  

Anyway, moving along.  I am super excited that I will have 2nd graders.  The year before all that standardized testing baloney.  I can’t wait to hear the clamoring and they “Hey Miss” to get my attention.  I can’t wait to be with those little sponges who are sweet and innocent and full of hope.  Remember that folks?  Before the world was the world to us.  I also can’t wait to eat in the cafeteria.  Last time I did this, I took my lunch.  Then I had nostalgia envy.  I bet some are cringing but not me.  Yummy!

And now that you’ve had your quota of I can’t wait! from me, I will say toodle-loo, ta-ta and au revoir.  See ya later, unless you see me first. 🙂

As always, more to come.

10 thoughts on “Hey Y’all I’m Verklempt But Happy Verklempt

  1. How fun! I was in Junior Achievement programs in my Junior and Senior year of high school. We formed our own company. I was actually Vice President of Sales the second year. Second graders should be a kick!

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