That’s how I feel. Super hyper. I’ve been off the coffee for a while now but today I decide wth.

My treat was cafe olla … from a drink cart parked in front of the building. Sweet exilir with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and citrus. It dampened my appetite and I skipped breakfast. Mistake number 1.

I ate two homemade ham pockets for lunch. Not filling. But something on my stomach. Yes I said on not in … it’s a southern thing … like y’all. I worked through lunch to leave early to get ready for tomorrow.

Went to Walmart for donuts 🍩 and a magnifying glass 🔍. One of these things is not like the other. Lol. Only the donuts are for JA in a day. I was Dizzy and spinning through Wally World and had a Godly experience that I will write about separately. Then I headed home.

Went right back to work. So much for leaving early. I just can’t take a real day off. I’ve already hit my 40. But it was good. My coworker who caught me and made me stay late was happy for me about my JA day.

Aww 🥰 Jilly. You’ll get paid in HUGS 🤗 currency 💴!!

And it’s that the BEST kind!!

As always more to come.

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