Itโ€™s only ugly if youโ€™re vain: Part two

I’m going gray … I wrote about it here

It’s hard y’all when the peanut gallery comments but it’s especially pitiful to hear rudeness from family. So much for “at least it’s the good kind of gray” Today my mother-in-law told Lulu:

Your mom has given up.

Is she depressed?

She is so smart and she’s pretty except for her hair.

If she’d only color it again, she’d look 15 years younger.

I’d even offer to pay for it.

Tell your mom she can’t let B’s decrease in income stop her from taking care of herself.

She’ll never get that job.

Wait what?!?!?

Eff that! Oh no she didn’t. But sadly she did. Why do women do that to each other? Tear down. Instead of lift up. Not all women, this particular piece of work.

First of all don’t ask my child if I’m depressed. Second of all money has little to do with it. Unless time is money. Then yes. Third acceptance has everything to do with it. I’m gladly accepting what the good lord gave me.

I’m tired of trying to live up to society’s expectations. I’m not depressed. I’m in the best head space of my life. Truly. That doesn’t mean I’m perpetually happy. There are days. Y’all know. I release the hounds and move on!!

Eff it!! Now I’m more determined to buck the system. Who gets to define beauty? I mean really.

As always more to come.