I used to dream every night.  For a brief time, I kept a journal on my bedside table where I’d write my dreams down for later analysis. If I didn’t write them down right away, my dreams had an ethereal quality and they’d float away from conscious memory.

I say I used to dream every night but maybe the answer is I still do.  I just don’t have the same re-call as my younger self.  One of the perks of growing older.  When I write perk, I meant it!!!!

The first alarm sounds at 4 AM thanks to B …means he has work.  The second alarm is not until 6:15.  In those 2 hours and 15 minutes, I had a dream so vivid that even at 10:30 something, what happened has stayed with me.  I won’t try and elaborate on the weirdness but I will say I might use this dream as a wake up call to make some quality of life changes.

As always, more to come.