My Mother’s Day Haul

Me to Lulu and Pony “we’ve hit the lottery with that one”

💕 our B

I’m reveling in after brunch peace. Counting our many blessings. Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming. And I’m still laughing but that’s what happens when you have discussions while breaking bread with the brain trust. Eff words flying from a most unlikely source.

Started with Hamilton yesterday.

Always have to snap the marquee
Cheshire Cat smile. Ignore the gray. I’ve earned it.
The set alone brought the feels

Free valet parking at the Gunther. Another “room where it happened”. Meant to be.

I came home to a top to bottom clean house. Deep cleaned. They even dusted. 😆

Then today I slept in. Upon waking, Lulu and I took a walking photo tour. She’s home for the summer. We talked about how to spend our weekends together. We predict bigger more elaborate photography sessions in our future. She’ll snap the pics and I’ll write some lame poetry. I’m blocked so here’s a visual only peek:

Bird prints
Did anyone else call them whirligigs?

Followed by the aforementioned brunch. Mushroom and spinach frittata with hash browns and biscuits. Ending with presents though they had already given me enough.

Handmade card, flowers and new pajamas

Every week for months as we walked by the pj section in Walmart, I commented to B that these “house dresses” would be my retirement wardrobe. Think of the money I’d save. And there’s the envious comfort over style anyways. Though if I do admit, hump day camels are pretty stylish. I’ve got no qualms about going outside like this … nope 👎 that picture stays in the phone.

Usually this day is too hard for me to take. For reasons I will not elaborate on right now. Or never! Yep never because spilling my guts changes nothing. This year is different for some reason. I’m taking back control of my emotions. I’m choosing gratitude and happiness.

Cheers 🥂

As always more to come.

8 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day Haul

  1. Looks like you had a great Mother’s Day. I got a dog…my choice. Interesting for my as I have NEVER been a fan. However, I noticed that something was missing after our cat loss last week. Now we have Benny.

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