J-Dubs Review of “The Woman in the Window: A Novel” by A. J. Finn

They are adapting this book to film. And yes I’ll probably watch the movie when it comes out. Though the book is always better. It’s okay because I have read the book first.

Good pace and suspenseful. I found myself relating to the MC Anna Fox. I even thought Jilly don’t you go there. You’re not fictional. You’re not an agoraphobic alcoholic pill 💊 popping psychoanalyst either. Then goes my crazy mind … oh but you could be. How very easily YOU could be. 😳

Throughout the novel Anna watches … and among all the she observes, she watches classic movies. I have heard of many of the films named in the book yet most I have never seen. Time to fire up Turner Classic movies.

I won’t say more as not to spoil for those who have yet to read. I highly recommend if the suspense genre is your cuppa tea. Two thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼. Five stars ✨ by me but only 3.94 stars ✨ on Goodreads.

As always more to come.

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