Monday Musings ~ 4/15/19

First written 4/15/19 after working an 11 hour day.  Somehow got stuck in drafts.  Today 5/5/19, I am sprucing up the place which includes reviewing previously written works to delete, publish or otherwise save. I am sharing this one because that’s life.  Give time, time they say.  Things will always change and if you’re lucky for the better.


Calgon take me away.

I did not have the traffic, boss, or baby today.  And my dogs are never any trouble.  But I had other STRESS.  I had my dentist appointment this morning.  I refused x-rays until the next six months.  Trying to save money y’all.  I am just sick with worry over our finances.  And it showed … in my teeth.  The hygienist asked me about a mouth guard.  She could tell I was grinding my teeth.  Well I already have a mouth guard that I rarely wear.  I guess I need to break it out again.

Afterwards, I came home to work.  And my better half was here.  I could hear him on and off the phone … all day.  Wheeling and dealing.  Trying to drum up business.  I know he hates it.  He’d rather be slinging mud aka plastering.

Then late afternoon, bingo.  A repair job for later this week or next.  Ebb and flow.  Just like the three years of our life we try to forget.  After his brother died and we were all broken.  He went out on his own.  Then he went back to the family business. Now he is out on his own again.

As always, more to come.



9 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ 4/15/19

  1. Sometimes it’s just putting one foot in front of the other. He got some work, not a whole lot, but something that’ll put a meal or two on the table. More will come, because he’s pushing. That’s all you can do. I have faith.

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      1. Definitely and I finally get that. I am ready for some tire tracks to adorn me so I can come back stronger. LOL. I am feeling spunky today.


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