Random Musings ~ 5/4/19

Should I worry that I noticed myself wanting to write 2017 when it’s really 2019? Is there a term for that affliction? Where does one draw the line between simple forgetfulness and the beginning of something worse?

Oh my here we go.

I’m sure I’ve got something … worse … Ugh.

I am switching gears because this is my new thing and I can change the direction of my vicious thoughts anytime I want. Besides the sun is back out so I got nothing to be wa wa about.

I had plans today and I’ve completely blown them off in favor of going through my DVR to catch up, writing, surfing, and everything that is not my original plan.

There is something to this brooding, doom and gloom, and serious introspection that I must truly enjoy to my core. Why else would I do it? It’s filling some kind twisted need. And I’m enjoying myself. And maybe doing nothing doesn’t always have to be a pity party? Maybe doing nothing is a form of self-care?

Yep. That’s it. Now I will close with my lame attempt at poetry.

Wallowing in pity

Serves no purpose

Knowing and doing

Are very different things

What will it take?

To spark some reaction

Why does it have

To be this way?

See y’all on the flip side.

As always more to come.


14 thoughts on “Random Musings ~ 5/4/19

  1. You had me at, “Oh my here we go.” 🙂 Well, Jill my dear, you have touched on the age old questions here, haven’t you? I mean we can’t always be whatever the picture of happiness is right now, not all the time. Ok, people can now on fb, social media and so on but you know what I mean. I look at it this way. I had a garden, and hopefully will having one again soon, Lord willing. That garden isn’t all veggies, and nourishment. I have to get in the dirt, dig deep, get dirty. Filthy, nasty, dirt under my nails, need a shower. You get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. The only thing better is an afternoon of dvr surfing and catching up on the blog 🙂 But it has to be done for the garden to grow. So, if you needed dvr time, so be it. If it’s 2017 right now, so be it. I’d rather be you above so many other people every day.

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  2. On my birthday every single year I write my birth year instead of the correct one..i do the same thing on my kid’s birthdays! I have finally learned to never write ANYTHING that needs to be dated on those days!

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  3. I type 2029 all the time because I am a bad typist when it comes to the number line. I like me a ten key pad.

    Knowing and doing are different, but knowing matters.
    You’ll get a burst and then you’ll do
    When the time is right for you

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  4. I catch myself writing the strangest dates sometimes… like 1957 or 2021 or others. Why, I don’t know, except for not paying attention, mind wandering, distractions…who knows. It’s just funny. Probably everyone does this from time to time. 🙂

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