To Get Credit for My Streak

I ended the A to Z challenge with post 260 in a row.  My goal is to get to 365 in a row and then go back to random versus daily posting.  #1linerWeds, 5/1/19 was supposed to make 261 but for some reason, it shows as posting last night.

The question remains … Can she do it?  We shall see.


#1linerWeds. 5/1/19

So glad Linda took a break.  Self care is very important as is SLEEP.  Continuing the taken from TV theme and fitting my mood here is something from the Office:

“Oh my God, its happening. Everybody stay calm! Stay f*&#!#% calm!” — Michael Scott

As always, more to come.

To join in, follow this link to the land of bazinga!  lol