Sharing the Music

That’s my uncle. 87 years young. First place 🥇 over 65 senior division. Hallettsville Texas Fiddlers Frolic.


Levity During Date Day

Who takes a book 📖 to a movie 🎥? Is that like taking a knife 🔪 to a gunfight? Thank you Kindle app.

Reading is what one does when arriving an hour before a no reserve seating of the Avengers Endgame. Or you can play solitaire on your phone too. We can’t talk to each other. We were already shushed. Why I never. 😆

As always more to come.

Sunday Morning Musings

I have been thinking a lot.  Shocker I know.  But way back when I had some pretty cool ways of adapting.  Tips and tricks that I’d use to make it through the day.  I did not even realize I was coping.  I thought everybody must feel this way.  But they don’t … of that I am sure.  However what I’ve found is there are more like me than I first imagined.  I am not at all that unique.  We are empaths, introverts, and the like.

Yet somewhere along the way an overwhelming “I can’t do this anymore” takes over.  Then comes the time to just sit in the sadness or angst or mess … whatever you want to call it.  To accept the things I cannot change.  To experience what I tried ever so adeptly to avoid.  Only then can I get over it and onto the next crisis.

Each time that happened I made it through the fog.  Reaffirms I can do it again if I have  to.  And like that I am centered.  Momentary calm and peace.  Now off to date day with my honey.

As always, more to come.