Keeps on giving as we keep on living.

The topic of the day is elder abuse.

My mind is racing and I feel the need to release the hounds. But I might have to start at the beginning.  Since I have not told this story before now.  Not fully anyways.  Bits and pieces. Yes. Only snippets since other details are too painful to spill.

Is it lying?¬† Not telling?¬† Nope, that’s being private.¬† Keeping secrets.¬† ¬†Innuendo. Made you look.¬† Make you guess.¬† Nunya as in none of your business.¬† And who cares anyway?¬† Maybe we all do?

And so it begins November 7, 1963 a son is born …

Nope too far back and we are keeping this to 500 words or less.

My brother has been in and out of group homes since my mother passed away in 1998.¬† My dad was in his 80s and unable to take on the 24/7 constant care my mother had given and my brother required.¬† I wasn’t able either.¬† For a while there I did act as representative payee but those duties were taken from me in November of 2018.¬† As they should have always been as I could keel over tomorrow.¬† Then what?¬† A business will continue in perpetuity … supposedly.

The final straw that broke the camel’s back happened @ his last birthday.¬† Double nickle.¬† 55.¬† In ways we will never know, my brother broke his ankle … bad it was shattered and required surgery.¬† The group home owner did nothing. She had been lying to me and stealing from him for years.¬† But that’s another story, too long to tell.¬† Let’s just say she locked him away and was negligent.

One afternoon in January-ish his neighbors called 911 to report someone crawling around on his hands and knees in the street by the mail boxes begging for help.¬† Somehow he has escaped the locked house while “she” was gone.¬† EMS came and took him to the hospital and he had surgery and went into rehab.

Though I talked to a few people off and on during this ordeal, I assumed I’d lost him to the system and would never hear from him again.¬† In fact that horrid excuse for a human being was trying to get him back into her care … for his SSI disability check of course.¬† I did not let on to her that I knew at least part of what happened.¬† The little bit I told her was he was in the hospital.¬† Then I started to ignore her calls and texts.¬† She eventually stopped.

Then today, an angel called.  And while I HAVE lost him to the system, at least he is finally safe and sound in an assisted living facility.  The story does not end here folks.  Charges will be pressed for felonies too numerous to name.  And I feel peace.  Or guilt. Or both.

As always, more to come.


Is It Me or Is It Me?

You’ve heard the expression it’s not you, it’s me … ya know the tired break up excuse.

I want to yell liar.¬† Why doesn’t the person admit true feelings?¬† Of course it’s me.¬† Something about me that bugs you.¬† Am I right?

Sugar coating never helps anybody.  Better to zip your lip than placate people, in my opinion of course.  You go get yours. Opinion that is.

And why so terse Jilly.¬† Why is there a “bee in your bonnet”? I mean you’ve got nothing … to complain about.

Seriously?  Yes seriously Meredith Grey!

What a difference a day makes folks.¬† The weather is fan-freaking-tastic.¬† “Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day”. ~ Thank you Johnny Nash

I am here all alone and making stuff up.  #MSU.  Projecting helpless feelings. Instead I should just crank up the music.  No one would care.  No one is around to care.  I can get back into the zone and get some work done.  Because it is not about me.  Never was.  I am not the sun and the moon is not me.  Yep, you got that expression wrong.  To google or not to google that is the question.  Naw!  no more wasting my time on this beautiful day.

Happy Thursday bloglandia.¬† Hope it’s a good one.

As always, more to come.